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That moment when…

You know that moment when you feel like all hope is gone… nothing seems to be getting better… and situations have taken a turn for the worst… But God swoops in and breaks every chain and hold in your life? Thats what true worship and praise is all about. Believing it even when you can’t see it. I think we as ‘christians’ get so caught up in wanting God to be a ‘right now God’ when in fact He is always on time; just not our timing. He knows better than we do what we need. He has built us up to be soldiers and survivors of things we can’t even imagine. We as humans don’t give ourselves enough credit when it comes to our strength. We are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ…. who strengthens us. So when you feel like you need a shoulder to cry or lean on and no one else is around, lean on God. He can handle it. His shoulders support the whole world.

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Pray about everything… worry about nothing!
- ShowUrBeautyMark
3 months ago
I’m baaaaaaack!!!!

I know it’s been a long time but I promise I’m gonna do better. Today is the first day I begin to build my brand. Wish me luck!

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From the website, Liberals Unite:

In this 2012 CNN interview with Marissa Alexander, when you see her speak, hear her voice, and learn more of her testimony, she becomes much more real, and less of a ‘news story.’ Her case needs to remain in our minds until she is released from her 20-year prison term for firing a warning shot, in self-defense.

Before the trial, her abusive husband, Rico Gray, gave a deposition in which he admits to battering Marissa. He admits  that she never pointed the gun at him. And he admits she was right to do what she did. He later changed his story in court. Below are actual screen shots from his deposition of November 22, 2010 and you can read the full deposition here. I’m also in including a letter from what appears to be Rico Grays former wife, claiming he abused her as well. There are more documents on file, the full deposition and letters in Marissa’s defense from others who witnessed her abuse.

How can this country allow an abuser like Gray run free, while the women he confesses to have abused, even while pregnant, and who defended her life against him, remains behind bars, sentenced to serve in prison for two decades?  We can change this.

Last Saturday, July 13, George Zimmerman walked out of a courtroom free, after stalking and killing a teenager, claiming self-defense. Today, Marissa Alexander is in prison, away from her children, hurting no one, for defending her life. She was a battered woman who rightfully feared for her  life and she did what she had to do.

The biggest crime now seems to be within our court system.

Let’s end this nightmare.  Take action to Free Marissa Alexander!

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1 year ago

@sadakmusic I LOVE this. Thank you for these words. <3 #RP
Baby sis beef’n it up and I cant stop laughing!!!! lol  (Taken with Cinemagram)
Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet (“Pizookie”)



When it comes to my cooking, Jason doesn’t make a lot of requests. He usually eats all the “blog food” and has never complained about it. If anything, he’s raving about it, even though it involves his least favorite foods - like quinoa and whole wheat. Yeah, he’s a keeper.

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Reunited and it feels so good! Besties!
Delay doesnt mean denial
- Me!
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Never gets old!


If only…. nevermind lol

Ms. Badu. 


Kerry Washington.

Lol… this never gets old
Growth is a part of life. If you aren’t growing then you are either dying or already dead.
- Kesha Mae (Me)
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